Sachs Clutch Kit 3000 951 120

Clutch Kit complete VAG (03G 141 015 G/ 03L 141 015 P etc)
SAC-3000 951 120

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contains Disc, rel brg and plate
Additional Information
Description contains Disc, rel brg and plate
Model No. 3000 951 120
About the Manufacturer Every year, more than 10 million new vehicles equipped with Sachs dampers and shock absorbers roll off the production line. Moreover, Sachs offers high-quality clutches for original equipment manufacturers and the spare-parts market. Sachs was founded in
Section Clutches
Subsection Clutch Kit
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SAC-3000 951 120 Sachs Clutch Kit 3000 951 120 contains Disc, rel brg and plate
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